Welcome to the World Rugby Museum, an on-line look at the history of Rugby Football and its descendant sports/games. We are in the early stages of developing the museum and at present the majority of our pages relate to the memorabilia in our collection. We are starting our on-line journey of recording the sports with the origins of the various forms of rugby.  To date we have reached the following definitions following our investigations into the origins of the main rugby codes that can trace their history back to Rugby School. This is a time consuming affair so please bear with us while we record these histories. 

RUGBY FOOTBALL - A sport played at Rugby School and administered by the pupils of Rugby School between circa 1778 and 1900. The main aim and the only way to win a game of Rugby Football was to score a goal by kicking the ball over the crossbar and between the posts. - PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

RUGBY UNION - A sport created when the Rugby Football Union was formed on the 26 January 1871 by a group of Old Rugbeians and other footballers playing under the Rugby School Rules. In 1886 an International Board was formed to settle disputes between the other international unions then playing the game. It is possible that some of these unions were still playing under Rugby (School) Football rules. The Rugby Football Union joined this board in 1890 and the International Board adopted the RFU laws thereby uniting the international unions. The sport of Rugby Union has been administered by this organisation ever since. Today the International Board are known as World Rugby. As a descendent sport of Rugby Football, the only aim at the beginning of the sport was to score the most goals by kicking the ball over the crossbar and between the posts. This has been superseded by the team scoring the most points in the game is declared winner. - PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

RUGBY LEAGUE - A sport created in 1895 when the Northern Union was founded. Several clubs broke away in a row over broken time payments from the Rugby Football Union, which was the governing body for Rugby Union in England. Today the game is governed by the Rugby League International Federation.  - PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


We hope that our museum will grow and it will encompass the facts, statistics, stories and images of the sport. It is an ever expanding encyclopaedia which we will eventually cover all forms of rugby and its descendant sports.  


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Players & Personalities
William Webb Ellis

John Billot, Journalist

HJC Brown, British Lions

Bill Clement, Llanelli, Wales, British Lions & WRU Secretary

Ieuan Morlais Evans, WRU President

WJ Hoare (Old Stager), Journalist

Vivian Jenkins, Wales & British Lions

Jack Jones, Wales & British Lions

Bob Porisse, Sale & Yorkshire

Mike Slemen, England & British Lions

JBG Thomas, Journalist

Jim Unwin, England & British Lions

Rhys 'RH' Williams, Wales & British Lions

Wilf Wooller, Wales

Stan Oswin, Oxfordshire RFU




Hillhead High School F.P., Scotland

Neath RFC, Wales




125th Anniversary of the formation of the Welsh Rugby Union in Neath - 1st March 2006, Gwyn hall, Neath

Development of the Rugby Ball

Development of the Rugby Boot




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Barbarians v New Zealand 1973

England/Wales v Scotland/Ireland 1923

Ireland v Wales 1950

Wales v New Zealand 1905


Touring Teams


South Africa to British Isles 1906/7

South Africa to New Zealand 1956

Wales to South Africa 1964








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